“I have never attended a gym as consistently or as long as I have been going to Rough House Fitness and Athletics. The owners, Joel and Sue are welcoming, and all of their coaches are wonderful to work with. The daily workouts can be modified for various skill levels and abilities, helping you achieve your personal fitness goals. I started attending, thinking I could back squat 200 lbs and bench press around 150 lbs. I have since hit a 315 lb back squat and 175 lb bench press and have never felt stronger. It’s an amazing community I recommend to anyone looking for a gym. Come check us out!” -Sam

“I’ve been to a lot of gyms but I found my home at Rough House 6 years ago. I’ve hit more PR’s here than anywhere else. I love the people and I love the coaches. I recommend it to everyone I know because no matter what your fitness or skill level, you can always get a good workout in.” -Beth

“Rough House is an experience like no other. The instructors are amazing, correcting form and motivating you to be your strongest. Each class is different making it difficult to be complacent in your routine. I’m so happy to be part of the Rough House family.” –Lu

“Consistency is the secret sauce to your wellness goal; community is the best possible support for consistency. That’s where Rough House comes in! With its unique mix of athletes, the Rough House community always has your back. Unmatched camaraderie. Don’t wait up on giving your first class a try… be brave and do the dang thing today. Besides, it’s free!” -Lara

“I joined the local big box gym as a 51-year-old couch potato.  It was inexpensive, and they had tons of shiny equipment.  However, the initial excitement wore off. There was no ongoing motivation or excitement despite being surrounded by 100+ staff and members. A year later, my life completely changed after walking into Rough House Fitness.  The community of coaches and members is 100% welcoming and supportive.  Everyone gets along – teens to 60+, men and women, all socio-economic backgrounds.  The group is bound by the common goal of having fun and being fit. The workouts change daily, keeping boredom at bay.  Elements include aerobics, calisthenics, and weightlifting.  Each workout is scalable to any age or fitness level – nobody is too old or out of shape to participate. Seven years later, I’m still excited to work out each time.  I have so many new friends – people I would not have met otherwise.  Most important, I am in better shape now, approaching age 60, than I was at 20! Give Rough House a try.  You will have a great time while improving your physical fitness 100%.” -Matt

“I came to Roughhouse in October 2022 after 20 years of going tp a traditional gym. I felt that the whole experience there had become too corporatized, the workouts were boring, and I wasn’t achieving my goals. So, when a friend left my previous gym, I decided to give Roughhouse a try. I was nervous in the beginning – I was 52 years old and by no means a great athlete, but I did have determination. I quickly discovered that there is a place for everyone at Roughhouse and that working hard can bring very tangible benefits. Joel Clark, owner and head coach, as well as the other coaches Dana, Marissa, TJ, Sue, and others, are extremely accommodating and encouraging and are always there to help you improve. The workouts can be quite challenging, but they also show step-downs and adjustments that are appropriate for your fitness level. Beyond that, the gym has an amazing community spirit – the members are always there to cheer you on, and you truly feel you are a part of something bigger and are accomplishing something together. I have gained so much from experience and am probably in the best shape of my life. I am so happy I chose to join!” -Greg